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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use your service and not just build my own website?
A: See the full answer here: Why Hire a Web Designer/Manager?

Q: How long will it take to build my website?
A: If I have all content and graphics, usually 2-3 weeks.  Adding content to the site can be a daunting task as you must be directly involved in the content writing process.  I can help and guide you but only you know your business enough to elaborate, honestly.

Q: Are there any hidden costs? It seems like you are offering a lot for the price.
A: There are no hidden fees or other costs. The standard programs offer a customized website, geared to your needs. That website is 100% yours after final payment has cleared. You can continue to use my management services that include world-class hosting, or move your site elsewhere. If you use my services, your website will be fully hosted and managed by SeeMyBiz, on state of the art servers located in a multi-million dollar datacenter in Texas. I manage all aspects of the website and hosting, leaving you free to do what you do best - run your business.

Depending on the plan you choose, there is a determined amount of service time included per month, that can be used to have SeeMyBiz update your content and add new pages without incurring any additional fees. Of course, if you need service beyond the amount in your plan I have to charge extra, but not at $65-$95 per hr. Just $45 hr. - my discount rate.

Q: What search engines will you submit my site to?
A: Normally, SEs that will have your listing will be Google*, Yahoo!*, MSN*, ExactSeek, AllTheWeb, Scrub the Web, Aesop, Searchit, ASK and others. Rarely are submissions made directly to the big SEs as it is un-necessary and some no longer allow direct submissions*. 

 SeeMyBiz will also submit to General and Targeted Directories that are unique to your product or service, thereby increasing your targeted-traffic potential. Some of these will naturally pickup on the site without a submission.  Directories include Jade, BestBizGuide and the Yahoo Directories.

*Some SEs like Google, will index your site automatically, using other sources, such as Yahoo! and General directories. This happens automatically is not the result of a direct submission by SeeMyBiz. SeeMyBiz adds your site listing to our directory and main website which are regularly indexed by the major SEs for new links.  Once a new link is found and added to say Google, it propagates to other SEs automatically.  SeeMyBiz also uses XML sitemaps to help your site's pages get indexed correctly.

Q: What "Extras" are available for my website?
A: Extras include Guest Books, Photo Albums/Slideshows, image and banner rotation, more.

Q: How long does it take for you to make updates to my site?
A: If you are a management subscriber it depends on the update and the urgency of the request. Usually, within 24 hours. Emergency updates can be sooner. However, an additional $25 Fee for Priority Emergency Service if update is not based on a error made by SeeMyBiz or one of our providers. If the service needed is due to an error on our side, it will be given priority and without charge.  If you are not a subscriber, updates can take up to 48hrs and are fee based ($45 per hr.)

Q: How much email space do it get?
A: All email addresses are allotted 10-MB of space ea. by default. So, if you have 15 email addresses, you have 150 megs of storage. This is why SeeMyBiz recommends that you use Thunderbird or Outlook Express - these download the email from the server to your PC, so they do not take up space the mail server.

Q: What browsers can my new website be viewed in?
A: By default, all website are created to be viewed with Internet Explorer 6+, Netscape Navigator with IE emulation enabled, and Firefox 1.0+. Other browsers are compatible too. Consider that Internet Explorer is still preferred by over 85% of web surfers. 

SeeMyBiz will construct your website using modern W3C coding standards, by default.

Frequently Asked Questions

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