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If you are on a management agreement, SeeMyBiz will host your new website in a multi-million dollar data center with a Multi-Homed network, UPS and diesel generator backup, secure building and restricted access.  Servers are state-of-the-art Intel dual Xenon based with multiple drives in a RAID1 configuration for dependability. The network features a 99.9% uptime record. To learn more about our network and hardware see The Planet.

Hosting with SeeMyBiz is managed hosting, meaning that you do not need to learn how to manage your services, as we do it for you.  This allows you concentrate on the important things - like running your business.  We take care of the site back-up, email configurations, account setups and any back-end programs like PHP and MySQL. 

Though SeeMyBiz normally does not normally offer stand-alone-hosting there are sometimes exceptions to the rule.  If you require managed hosting that requires a control panel but you are not a developer*, please contact me for more information. Typically Cpanel stand-alone hosting starts at $9.99 per month including POP3 mail and 500 megabytes of storage.

*Developers by nature use a tremendous amount of system resources and can cause slowdowns for other sites located on the same server. Since SeeMyBiz hosts the majority in a shared environment, developers and experimentation are not allowed.