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Website Services

Custom Website Design

SeeMyBiz can design your website from the ground up and usually at a price far less than other designers.  Everything is taken into consideration; I plan a site that is well laid out, has an intuitive navigation system, an exciting color balance that matches the business and even themes can be used. All my sites are search engine friendly (see basic SEO below) and use current design standards.

Website designs start at $199 if and go up from there.  A typical website is what is called a Pamphlet site, consisting of 4-5 pages, is somewhat subdued in design and starts at $299.  Starting at $499 a Deluxe Brochure site gets you into the pro leagues with with an upscale design.  Starting at $699 you can get a custom site with all the design elements it takes to make a totally "Blow Me Away!" site, unique to your brand and your business. It includes multiple forms, photo galleries and extreme custom graphics.

Although SeeMyBiz can use a pre-designed site template for your site (if you were to want one) I do not "Create" my designs from pre-designed templates. Pre-designs are fine if you want one and just need me to add the customization. Doing customizations to existing designs can sometimes cost as much a doing a fresh and unique design, simply because there are so many alterations to take into consideration.

Basic SEO is included in the design cost. The main reason is, it is easier to do it in the beginning than to add it later. Some sites can be so complex that doing even basic SEO page by page, after-the-fact, can be lengthy and costly. Basic SEO is not what you would pay thousands of dollars for; basic SEO is "Page Optimization" that allows your pages and site to be easily spidered and read by search engines, without being penalized for bad coding or a lack of coding or necessary elements that should be in every website's code. Advanced SEO involves things on-site like researching and adding custom keywords and phrases as well as off-site, like link building, posting in forums and blogs and advertising. Advanced SEO is normally left for the experts - those who specialize in just SEO.  SeeMyBiz WDM does not offer advanced SEO services.

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